Juvenile Arthritis Symptoms – How Would You Know

Juvenile Arthritis is referred to all kinds of arthritis diseases which occur to age group below 16 years. It is very important for parents to notice the juvenile arthritis symptoms because children do not give attention to occasional pains in the joints as they think it is due to physical activities and may not complain about the pain.

Girls are more prone to arthritis than the boys. It can affect the child’s school performance, he gets sidelined from others and his future may get affected due to the psychological effects.  Early diagnosis and proper medical treatment gives the child best opportunity for positive disease outcome.

There are periods when symptoms are visible and then it disappears on its own. Early treatment is necessary to prevent permanent damages to the body. Juvenile Arthritis symptoms should not be avoided and parents should be very attentive when their children are below seventeen.

Juvenile Arthritis Symptoms:


The child suffering from Juvenile Arthritis feels stiffness while doing joint movements. Especially when a child wakes up from his sleep in the morning he may have stiff joints. The child faces difficulty in doing common activities. When he moves a joint after a long interval of time, the joint will pain as the movement increases.


Major bone joints swell due to JA. If a child has swelling of a joint and it persists for a long period of time then doctor must be consulted immediately. The knees and small joints like hands and feet are more prone to swelling as these parts frequently move in comparison to others body parts.

Frequent Fever:

JA patients suffer from frequent fever which come and disappear suddenly followed by fatigue. It is very important to notice it as it is a possible Juvenile Arthritis Symptom rather than avoiding it as a fever due to flu.

Intense Pain:

This is the most primary symptom of Juvenile Arthritis. It can be differentiated from normal pain because a child suffering from JA will complain about pain right after he wakes up while normal pain is due to some physical activity. It mainly affects the joints like neck, hands and knees.

Eye Swelling:

These symptom shows up at a later stage of the disease. It affects about one out of every five patient of JA. If the swelling is untreated it may result to further complications like scars, cataract or even lead to permanent blindness.

Skin Rashes:

Kids develop rashes due to JA which may not be itchy but persists for longer period of time. The skin reddens at specific regions like cheek, arms, knuckles and legs.

Juvenile Arthritis is a very serious disease. The kids suffering must be given proper attention and encouragement because they lack confidence when they can’t do activities which their counterparts can. The Juvenile Arthritis Symptoms are very hard to notice because they aren’t very disease specific so if parents have a little doubt they must consult a doctor as soon as possible as JA can have permanent adverse effects if not treated at the right time.

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