Monsoon is finally here to give us some major relief from this torrid heat. From the thundering of clouds, heavy rainfall, yummy snacks to the post-rain dewy petrichor, everything appears so lovely in the rainy season.

We crave to plan a family picnic and long drive with friends in this season, right? Despite everything being so good and desirable about this weather, the only downside of the rainy season is when we have plans to head out somewhere and we are standing in front of the closet deciding what to wear.

Carrying a raincoat and an umbrella while stepping out of home is a must. But many times when unexpected showers hit the city, it is always ideal to prep up in advance. Here is an ultimate fashion guide to look monsoon-ready and shine in this season.

1. Say No to Whites and Yes to Bright Colors

Rainy Season

One of the biggest fashion mistakes in rainy season is wearing white/light colored clothes. It makes everything transparent and visible. Also, light colored clothes are easy to get ruined and spoilt in rain showers.

Choose bright fashion like yellow, red, blue, pink and green. These colors liven up your overall look in the gloomy weather.

2. Avoid Heels and Choose Flats

Rainy Season

Keep those expensive heels, leather, and suedes aside in your closet for this season. With heavy downpour, flooded roads, submerged tires and pit holes on the road, it is advisable to wear flats during the monsoons.

If you love the splashing of water and mud on the feet, you can go for flat sandals and bellies. But if you are someone who wants feet covered then it is ideal to slide in those practical boots. Also, remember not to choose light-colored footwear as these will get dirty easily and look shabby.

3. Say Bye to Long Hemlines

Rainy Season

Welcoming monsoon means saying goodbye to wide and flared bottoms, palazzos, maxi dresses and long skirts. Long hemlines are sure to get messy in the mud and splashing of water. Even damp fitted jeans sticking to your thighs make you fell disgusted in the rainy season.

Amp up your fashion game through raised hemlines with shorts, A-line skirts, capris and culottes as these are comfortable, chic and the right pick for monsoons.

 4. Correct Choice of Fabric

Rainy Season

Wearing thick fabrics like silk and denim are a fashion no-no during the monsoons. Materials like linen, nylon and knit are also to be avoided as they shrink when in contact with water and also stick to your body figure in the rainy season making your inner wear linings visible.

Stay comfy and dry with the correct choice of fabric. Wearing cotton is ideal in the humid weather. Also, materials like crepe, polyester, and chiffon are advisable as they dry quick in this weather and can resist the splash of water and mud.


 5. Hello to Skater and Umbrella Dresses

Rainy Season

 Give tight fitted and body hugging clothes a rest in rainy season as they make you feel uncomfortable.

Instead, choose skater, umbrella or A-line dresses as these are airy and free flowing. It is apt in this weather to slip in those cotton kurtis, and leggings. You can also wrap yourself in summer jackets or sleeveless blazers as these will protect your blouses from getting wet and becoming see through in rainfall.

So, girls, we hope you enjoy this rainy season without compromising on your style quotient. Run away quickly from someone who says monsoon is a time to wear dull and boring clothes because you don’t need that kind of negativity.

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