6 Eye Cancer Symptoms You Should Know

Eye cancer is caused due to multiplication of malignant cells in the eye. Most of the eye cancer symptoms are general eye problems it can be detected during normal eye check ups. Most of the cases of eye cancer are diagnosed at later stages as a result of which every 1 out of 10 person suffering from eye cancer dies because of the cancer.

The risk of eye cancer may be high if any of your family member suffered from it which means eye cancer can be genetically transferred. If you are suffering from any other type of cancer then the chances are high that it may spread to your eyes as well. Working in certain condition and having a weak immune system increases the chances of eye cancer.

Light colored eye, aging and excessive sun exposure too lead to cancer in the eyes. Certain eye cancer  symptoms affecting the eyes which should not be ignored and which  require immediate medical help are listed below

Eye Cancer Symptoms

Pain in Eye

As the cancer cells spread they may form tumors in the back of eye. Due to this you may suffer from pain in your eye as the tumor causes pressure on the nerves and delicate tissues present in the eye.

Decreased Vision

Your vision may get affected due to the cancer. It is one of the initial eye cancer symptoms, you will see blurry images and range of your vision may also decrease. You will have difficulty in reading and seeing distant objects. Situation will not improve even after using spectacles.


Floaters are the small dots which sometimes appear in your vision field. In case you are suffering from cancer these floaters appear more often causing disturbance in your vision.

Bulging Eyes

Eyes may seem to be bulging out from the eye socket. Bulging is caused due to the swelling of eye and and increase in size of the tumor. You may feel pressure on your eyes because of blocking of outflow of fluids from the eye as a result of bulging.

Color Change

You may notice several changes in your eye due to the cancer like dark spots on iris and redness of eye. These symptoms can be easily noticed and must be reported immediately to the doctor.

Light Flashes

Many patients suffering from eye cancer say that they see flashes of light frequently. This is caused because of problems in the iris and nerves present inside your eyes.

Doctor can diagnose eye cancer by doing physical tests and reviewing various eye cancer symptoms in the person. The treatment of cancer varies with the age, overall health and the stage of the cancer. General treatment options of  eye cancer are chemotherapy, radiation therapy, thermotherapy, cryotherapy.

In severe cases doctor may have to opt for surgery and enucleation which means eye will be completely removed to stop the cancer from spreading. If you are at higher risk then you must avoid direct sunlight because UV rays causes cancer and you should also give a second thought about changing your occupation if the working conditions are harmful for your eyes.

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